Integration services

Sometimes the question arises about test services, such as system integration, test software or test resources. As this is not our business, we have over the years come to know companies in the industry with long experience and broad competence. With mutual trust, we help each other to achieve the best performance with regard to price and performance for the customer.


AddQ is specialized in testing, measurement systems, requirements and quality assurance. From them you can get help with:

  • Testing of circuit boards for both development and production tests. Read more…
  • Production Testing System. Read more
  • Performance data storage, analysis and presentation. Read more


Agilitech is a small consulting company that offers testing and quality assurance services: Read more

  • Project management
  • Outsourced test resources
  • Software application development, systems integration


TestCenter is an online project management tool for efficient management of the test work.
Read more


Gävle Test Technology, GTT is a test system development and integration company that provides cost-effective and flexible test system solutions for advanced electronics production. Read more