• 4-Slot USB/LXI Modular Chassis


    Supports up to four of our 3U PXI switching modules—includes USB control & is fully compliant with the LXI Standard 1.5.

  • Our office is located near the sea and we are inspired by nature which gives us great energy in all seasons.

  • Our mission is to find the best solution or product in respect of price and performance. Have we not the product itself, we advise on where to find it.

  • Wide range of equipment for functional tests within eg automotive, aerospace, defense and telecommunications.


  • All of our PXI switching modules will plug into any PXI compliant chassis or a hybrid slot in a PXIe chassis and may also be used in our Ethernet controlled LXI modular switching chassis.

  • We have a wide range of power supply for AC and DC. Models of the simpler kind, and equipment with advanced features.



  • Sensor Emulation using Programmable Resistors—choose from over 100 PXI Modules & 90 PCI Cards. Ideal for medical, automotive and aerospace applications. Up to 18 channels in a single PXI/PCI slot, resistance ranges from 1Ω to 16 MΩ, and resolutions down to 2mΩ with accuracies down to 0.03%.

  • Power Conversion is widely used in a variety of industries to provide stable and controlled AC Power to test stations and products being tested alike. Instability in input power or unreliable power can result in system failures and production down time.

It is always interesting to talk technology, and after almost 20 years so we still feel that our slogan "Human Technology" is right for us.
Pickering Interfaces AB is a part of the global Pickering Group, which in addition to service Pickering's customers for Nordic usefully collaborate with other providers that have similar values as us.



PIAB's partners in POWER
Our partners design and build the highest reliable, most user friendly and configurable test equipment for the battery industry on a global basis. Provide world class customer support in Sales and Service with timely and accurate actions. Invest in Research and Development to advance battery testing technologies for all battery chemistries. Also designs and manufactures both linear and switched mode (PWM) AC Power Sources. Provide technically advanced, reliable, and cost effective standard and custom precision programmable AC Power Solutions that feature fast transient response, tight regulation, high peak current capability, no switching noise and low output impedance.